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Desi Ghee
From the finest quality milk of the world famous cattle breed of Punjab prepared on Danish Plant under strict hygienic condition fresh pure desi ghee. Fresh Pure Desi Ghee is the ultimate high quality Natural Desi Ghee, Quality control measures are followed right from the raw material in Fresh Pure Desi Ghee
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Halal Desi Ghee Pakistan
Welcome to New Friend Dairies. Based in Sahiwal Pakistan, We are one of the most quality conscious manufacturers and suppliers of Dairy products including FRESH PURE Desi Ghee, FRESH PURE Butter, FRESH PURE Cheese and FRESH PURE Milk Cream. We are One-Stop-Shop for pure and economical dairy products. New Friends Dairies was established in 1962. New Friends Dairies is serving the customer our premium brand FRESH PURE DESI GHEE with two major objectives in mind, First one is Premium high quality and the second one is timely delivery. These two objectives has been our success formula to grow to this stage...
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Fresh Pure Desi ghee Karahi and Saag
Fresh Pure Desi Ghee Fresh Pure Butter Fresh Pure Cheese Fresh Pure Cream
Fresh Pure Recipes
1. Fresh Pure Chicken karahi
2. Fresh Pure Paratha
3. Fresh Pure Saag
4. Fresh Pure Gulab Jaman
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Desi Ghee
Desi Ghee at Metro & Hperstar Lahore
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